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QualiChem Will Be At The 2020 AWT Annual Convention & Exposition

QualiChem Opens Research Center

Private Label Blending Coast to Coast

Legionella Update

QualiChem Announces New Expansion

QualiChem Welcomes Regional Business Manager Jeff Hobday

QualiChem Named Small Business of the Year by Chamber of Commerce

What Does it Mean to be Named AWT Supplier of the Year? To Us, a Lot

3 Potential Causes of Microbiological Fouling

QualiChem Welcomes Technical Support Engineer Jeremy Stokes

Use Cooling Tower Scale Inhibitors & Water Chemistry to Limit Fouling

4 Common Types of Cooling Tower Fouling

‘Tis the Season: Cooling Tower/Condenser Shutdown

Follow Up On Fluorescent Dye and Proper Chemical Monitoring

Water Treatment Sales 101 – Are You Talking To The Right People?

2015 AWT EXPO Report from Nashville

Curse of the Aluminum Heat Exchanger

Visit Us At AWT in Nashville!

Legionella Update – How Would You Handle an Outbreak?

8 Steps to A Proper Boiler Startup Procedure

Choosing the Right Chemical Blender for Your Water Treatment Business

Best Practices for Nitrite Closed Loop Programs

Utilizing Cooling Tower Blowdown Properly

Biological Concerns with Nitrite Based Programs

Understanding Problems in Closed Loop Systems

Nitrite-Based Closed Loop Treatment Programs

ASHRAE Standard 188P - Legionella Risk Management Update

4 Common Problems In A Cooling System & Their Effects

Cooling Tower Start-Up For Success

GHS Labeling and Formatting for Compliance

Breakdown of GHS Compliance In Canada

5 Factors That Impact the Formation of Boiler Scale

How Boiler Feedwater Quality Can Affect Boiler Operations

Organic Oxygen Scavengers: Understanding Common Varieties

Inorganic Oxygen Scavengers: Explaining Common Varieties

The GHS Compliance Deadline is Drawing Closer, Are You Prepared?

Advantages of a Fluorescent Monitoring System

Transportation Industry Update

New Biocide Product Introduction

Mike Brown Receives CWT Certification

2013 Regulatory Update for GHS

Water Treatment Technical Seminar

New Product Introduction - Solid DBNPA Slow Release Tablet

Dow Announces Biocide Name Change

QualiChem Launches FluoroTrace Product Line

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